Our People

At Lutron, we are proud to have a workforce that is exceptionally talented, driven and enthusiastic. Our team members work together, across functions and levels to create cutting edge products and maintain our position as a global industry leader.

Rohan K., Mechanical Engineer

“Along with my technical responsibilities, I have had great opportunities to work outside of my discipline. I had the valuable experience of interacting directly with real people that use the products and services that we developed for them.”

Rohan K.
Mechanical Engineer

Naz A., Project Manager (CDDP)

“Lutron gave me the opportunity to take initiative early on in my career and work on tasks that will have an impact on some of the most prestigious buildings in the US.”

Naz A.
Project Manager (CDDP)

Mailing W., Mechanical Engineer

“From day one, I had a variety of high impact, major projects of which I had full ownership. I've always enjoyed being challenged, and knew immediately Lutron was a place I'd be able to grow.”

Mailing W.
Mechanical Engineer

Rob T., Project Manager (CDDP)

“The CDDP promotes a teamwork environment, which allowed me to quickly adapt to the collaborative nature of the construction industry.”

Rob T.
Project Manager (CDDP)

Shilpa S., UX Designer

“Lutron is always pushing to innovate. I'm surrounded by passionate and talented people, and that inspires me to keep challenging myself.”

Shilpa S.
UX Designer

Ben B., Mechanical Engineer

“Within my first few months at Lutron, I was empowered to take ownership of resolving manufacturing issues. I felt that I was adding value and making a meaningful contribution to my project.”

Ben B.
Mechanical Engineer

Sam S., Project Management (CDDP)

“I've been fortunate to work with many skilled project managers who are always willing to share their Lutron product knowledge and field experience.”

Sam S.
Project Management (CDDP)

Suzanne O., Electrical Engineer

“I'm able to work on a variety of projects and meet many people outside of my immediate team. I like that I've been given the opportunity to learn extensively on the job, knowing that my team is available and eager to help me when needed.”

Suzanne O.
Electrical Engineer

Dan, Sales Supervisor (SLDP)

“Lutron's Sales Leadership Development Program does a tremendous job quickly and effectively teaching core sales skills and helping you learn how the entire company operates. This allows you to make immediate impacts on the company's business.”

Sales Supervisor (SLDP)

Brian D., Vice President - Global services

“Taking care of the customer is what I do every day. I find better, faster and more efficient ways to stay ahead of where the company is going. I enjoy having the ability to make a difference.”

Brian D.
Vice President - Global Services

Stacey K., Director, Corporate communications

“In marketing, I'm always asking the question - why is this important to the customer? Clearly defining what success looks like for Lutron and for the customer helps me stay focused on what's good for the business.”

Stacey K.
Director, Corporate Communications

Brent P., Director, Building science and standards development

“Lutron provides the opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent minds in the industry. You will be driven to excel by both healthy competition and quality mentorship.”

Brent P.
Director, Building Science and Standards Development

David B., Senior Director - Communications, Information and Technology

“As my responsibilities have grown, I've had the chance to lead teams, recruit and onboard new hires, and work with my teams on personal development and growth. I really like this aspect of my current role.”

David B.
Senior Director - Communications, Information and Technology

John B., Engineering Director

“I am constantly applying Lutron's third principle, take care of the people, as I mentor and coach Software Engineers so that they can be successful in their careers.”

John B.
Engineering Director

Manny R., Sales Supervisor

“I get to interface with customers on a daily basis. It allows me to position Lutron in a way that will add value and help the customer meet their energy management objectives.”

Manny R.
Sales Supervisor

Kathie L., Sales and service Vice President - Human resources operations

“If you love making things happen and working collaboratively, you'll love working at Lutron. There are always plenty of projects to get involved with.”

Kathie L.
Sales and Service Vice President - Human Resources Operations