Life at Lutron

Fun At Lutron

During Summer Fun Nights, members of our senior team grill burgers for our employees and their families. Enjoy summer with the Lutron team!

Have some summer fun with us! During Summer Fun Nights, our employees and their families gather to play lawn games, cook out, and enjoy the warm weather.

Our Personnel team is focused on “Taking Care of the People.” Their dedication and hard work is what makes our employee events come alive!

Our team members love to give back! Join a company dedicating to supporting the local community.

You never know where the next great idea is going to come from. Join a team dedicated to developing innovative solutions!

During health and wellness week, we invited several vendors to set up tents and share their healthy dishes with our team!

We know a team that works together, wins together! Our team members always come together to celebrate success!

During our Fall Festival, we get together to have some outdoor fun with our co-workers and their families!

Our Fall Festival is fun for everyone! The Pumpkin Painting Contest showcases the creativity of kids (and kids-at-heart).

Our team members compete for prizes in the Bingo tent during our Fall Festival.

Our employees took a step back in time at Lutron’s 80’s party!

Family At Lutron

On the Lutron Hiking Club, you’ll hike the many trails in the Lehigh Valley and Pocono area. Spouses and friends are also welcome!

Join our Hiking Club as they tackle local trails and embark on more challenging trips. Here, the group has hiked to their overnight campsite.

The Hiking Club doesn’t only take to the trails during the day. Here the group is on a night hike at the Wildlife Sanctuary, in Allentown, PA.

Got a green thumb? Join the Lutron gardening club, dedicating to growing organic produce. We’ve built a tiered garden on campus – and the results are delicious!

Have a passion for gardening? The Lutron Garden club nurtures their produce and flowers with no pesticides or herbicides.

Love being out on the water? Join L.A.K.E. (aka Lutron Adventurous Kayaking Enthusiasts) and have some fun in one of the nearby state parks!

Fitness At Lutron

At Lutron, we get excited about fitness! Team members from our quality department celebrated enthusiastically during our annual 5K event.

Our annual 5K is a great way to bring team members together. At Lutron, we enjoy a little friendly competition!

Our campus is located near beautiful local trails. This is where we hold our annual 5K. You can stay active with a run or walk along the trail during your lunch break.

Have a competitive streak? Just like our female 5K winners, all Lutron employees are driven to win, both at work and in their hobbies.

Join a team that enjoys the great outdoors! At Lutron, it’s easy to meet new friends and get active outside.

During our Health and Wellness week, you can compete in several fitness challenges around our campus, including tug-of-war, tractor tire rolls, and step ups. Here are last years proud winners!

Lutron team members often participate in the VIA Marathon Relay. In 2013, our teams took first and second place!

Lutron values the health and fitness of its employees. Test your abilities at Lutron’s annual fitness challenge.

Are you up to the challenge? Join the Lutron team and take on the dreaded tractor tire roll during our annual fitness challenge!

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