Working Here

When we ask our people what they like about working at Lutron, the discussion invariably comes down to three things:

  • The opportunity to work with excellent people;
  • A culture that puts a premium on execution through teamwork, collegiality, and consensus;
  • A never ending business focus on product innovation.
Excellence At Lutron


Here, we have the opportunity to work with excellent people, for a global industry leader.

Teamwork at Lutron


Lutron’s culture puts a premium on execution through collegiality and consensus.

Innovation At Lutron


Our focus is on product innovation, holding over 2,700 patents, and offering more than 15,000 products.

Working At Lutron

At Lutron, we come to work prepared to think, create, and make things happen. We often work on cross functional teams, where objectivity, imagination, and intellect are valued, regardless of position, experience level, or expertise.

We grow professionally by participating in stretch assignments designed to broaden each team member’s knowledge and include their fresh perspectives in our solutions. We are proud to leverage the incredible collective talents of our people and support them as they drive innovation.

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