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Austin, Texas, US

Job ID: 5553

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc has an immediate opening for a highly motivated Embedded Firmware Design Engineer at our Austin, Texas location.  Do you want to take ownership of high-stakes projects from day one? Are you interested in developing smart, connected IoT systems? Do you care about energy conservation and sustainability?

If so, see below for some of the exciting opportunities that Lutron has to offer. 

As an Embedded Engineer at Lutron you will: 

  • Develop mastery in multiple areas such as:
    • Connected IoT devices
    • High-volume consumer products
    • Communication protocols and networks
  • Grow expertise in a wide variety of technologies such as:
    • C/C++       Python       GoLang
    • RTOS       Embedded Linux       Bare Metal Programming
    • 8/32-bit microcontrollers       Application processors
    • Wi-fi       Ethernet      Bluetooth       IEEE 802.15.4
    • IOT Tech       Databases       Cryptography
  • Manage embedded design projects in a fast-paced, exciting environment
    • Lead high performing teams of embedded design engineers to designing the next generation of Lutron products
    • Engage in all phases of new product development  from concept development to delivery
    • Architect stable, efficient, and scalable systems upon which world-class embedded software applications can easily be built
  • Work closely with a cross-functional team of other highly skilled engineering professionals
    • Drive a variety of tasks related to: requirements gathering, user interface design, software architecture, software development, software verification, troubleshooting, and software maintenance
    • Design maintainable, elegant, and lasting solutions to meet a wide variety of requirements and feature sets
    • Mentor and coach colleagues to expand the effectiveness of those around you
  • Ensure a high standard of quality in your own work and in the work of others
    • Maintain a customer-focus in all design considerations
    • Influence good development practices, process improvements, clean designs, smart testing and thorough review

Does this sound interesting to you?

If it does, Lutron is looking for candidates with the following criteria:

  • Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or Computer Science
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • 5 or more years of industry experience in the field of system software development
  • Thorough knowledge of embedded software development in C/C++, software architecture and design, hardware interfacing
  • Demonstrable knowledge of object-oriented design, design patterns, good programming techniques, real-time schedulers
  • Familiarity and hands-on experience with real-time operating systems, unit testing, software version control, modern software test methodologies, database technologies
  • Excellent communication skills with all departments and disciplines
  • Skillful at solving problems with enthusiasm and creativity
  • Willingness to travel 10% of the time, sometimes with little notice
  • Technical experience required in a majority of the following areas:
    • Real Time Embedded Systems
    • Programming languages such as C, C++ and assembly
    • Hardware development of control circuits using 8/32 bit ARM-based processors
    • Device driver development (SPI, UART, I2C, ADC) and debugging using emulators & oscilloscopes
    • Networking and Protocol development
    • Software and hardware debugging using emulators & oscilloscopes
    • Object-oriented programming concepts (encapsulation, polymorphism, interfaces, etc.)
    • Algorithm design and run-time analysis
    • Security and Cryptography concepts and techniques
    • Unit testing and modern software test methodologies
    • Agile development and/or experience using tools such as JIRA, GIT and Bitbucket.

What is Lutron?

Lutron is a smart-home and IOT Company that develops innovative products. We have a long history of significant growth and smart innovations.

  • The industry is born: Our founder’s first invention of an energy saving solid state dimmer and the resulting inception of Lutron in 1961 marked the birth of the lighting control industry.
  • Control systems for every market: Lutron has control solutions targeting everything from a single lamp beside you bed to every light and shade in a large college campus. Our distinguished installations include The White House, the homes of numerous celebrities, The Empire State Building, 49ers Stadium, LEGOLAND theme park (Günzburg), NASA HQ, and multiple others.
  • Smart connected systems and IoT: Lutron has been at the forefront of innovating products for smart homes and connected buildings for more than 20 years and is now providing leadership in the human-centered IoT ecosystem. Our strategic alliances include integration with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Echo, Sonos, Nest, IFTTT, and multiple others.
  • Foster sustainability, save energy, and protect our environment: Lutron controls have reduced electrical use by 9.2 billion kWh, which reduces our customers’ electric bills by more than $1 billion annually.

Why is Lutron a good place for Software Engineers?

  • For almost 60 years, Lutron has innovated many thousands of new products and has a broad repertoire of 3,000+ design and product patents.
  • We develop our hardware and software, which enables us to provide superior end-to-end experience for our users.
  • Lutron’s engineers design and develop solutions in embedded, mobile, web, desktop/server, and cloud-based environments using leading technologies and processes.
  • We have a collaborative culture; you will be working side by side on cross-functional teams with other highly skilled engineers and designers, learning from their experiences while still having your voice heard.

Why build a career at Lutron?

  • Create products that make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Develop the tools and connections to be successful in your career through our Innovation and Leadership program.
  • Continue to learn new skills and technologies through classes and symposiums at Lutron University
  • Have fun building a career while enjoying playing volleyball at lunch time, or game of Ultimate Frisbee after work, or join one of the many clubs. 

Lutron offers a competitive compensation and benefits package and a dynamic and professional work environment. We also offer continued growth through increased job responsibilities, courses offered through Lutron University and advancement opportunities.  For more information, view our website at  www.lutron.com. EOE/AA

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