Lutron’s Five Principles

Over the years, our business has grown both locally and internationally. We began with only 2 products, and now provide over 15,000 products to our global customers. Our success is a result of the strong guiding principles, developed by our founder Joel Spira.

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    Take Care Of The Customer With Superior Goods And Services

    The customer is our number one priority and the reason we exist as a company. Since the beginning, Lutron has maintained exceptional service, offering 24-hour technical support for its products, and a friendly customer service department that sustains close relationships.

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    Take Care Of The Company

    Lutron is dedicated to growth and innovative development. We pride ourselves on being a global leader in this area, holding more than 2,700 patents, and offering over 15,000 products. Our team is made up of intelligent, motivated individuals, who strive every day to keep Lutron at the cutting edge.

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    Take Care Of The People

    We provide opportunities for every employee to fully develop their abilities and make a personal contribution to the success of the company. Our environment is welcoming and energetic and offers many occasions for team building and recreation.

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    Innovate With High Quality Solutions

    We have advanced the technology of lighting control while maintaining top industry position by focusing on outstanding quality and design. We are leaders in high-quality lighting controls for fluorescent, halogen incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage and LED light sources.

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    Deliver Value To The Customer

    We believe that our customers need high quality and cost-effective products. No matter how big the system, every Lutron product saves energy by decreasing electrical consumption. Taken as a whole, Lutron light controls have reduced our customers’ electric bills by $1 billion annually.

Lutron Excellence Awards 2019

Awards And Recognition

Now in its 16th year, the Lutron Excellence Awards program recognizes the world’s best residential projects using Lutron lighting and shade control solutions, including HomeWorks QS, RadioRA 2, and RA2 Select lighting control systems, Palladiom, Sivoia QS, and Triathlon shading systems, and Ivalo and Ketra lighting fixture and bulb solutions.

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