Our People

At Lutron, we are proud to have a workforce that is exceptionally talented, driven and enthusiastic. Our team members work together, across functions and levels to create cutting edge products and maintain our position as a global industry leader.

Brian D., Vice President, Sales Operations

“Taking care of the customer is what I do every day. I find better, faster and more efficient ways to stay ahead of where the company is going. I enjoy having the ability to make a difference.”

Brian D.
Vice President, Sales Operations

Stacey K., Director Marketing

“In marketing, I'm always asking the question - why is this important to the customer? Clearly defining what success looks like for Lutron and for the customer helps me stay focused on what's good for the business.”

Stacey K.
Director Marketing

Brent P., Energy Information & Analytics

“Lutron provides the opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent minds in the industry. You will be driven to excel by both healthy competition and quality mentorship.”

Brent P.
Energy Information & Analytics

David B., Sr. Director Marketing

“As my responsibilities have grown, I've had the chance to lead teams, recruit and onboard new hires, and work with my teams on personal development and growth. I really like this aspect of my current role.”

David B.
Sr. Director Marketing

John B., Engineering Software Leader

“I am constantly applying Lutron's third principle, take care of the people, as I mentor and coach Software Engineers so that they can be successful in their careers.”

John B.
Engineering Software Leader

Christopher C., Electrical Engineer

“I'm increasing efficiency and lowering cost, saving the company significant amounts of money. Knowing that I've directly contributed to increased profitability is rewarding.”

Christopher C.
Electrical Engineer

Manny R., Sales Representative

“I get to interface with customers on a daily basis. It allows me to position Lutron in a way that will add value and help the customer meet their energy management objectives.”

Manny R.
Sales Representative

Kathie L., Sr. Director Personnel

“If you love making things happen and working collaboratively, you'll love working at Lutron. There are always plenty of projects to get involved with.”

Kathie L.
Sr. Director Personnel