Innovation Leadership Program 2018 - Analog Electrical Engineer

Innovation Leadership Program 2018 - Analog Electrical Engineer
Coopersburg, PA

Job Description

Innovation Leadership Program 2018 - Analog Electrical Engineer

Join Lutron’s Innovation Leadership Program and you’ll develop the skills and knowledge needed to win in the world of innovation.

  • Immediately join an engineering development team
  • Participate in a monthly forum to share ideas
  • Collaborate with inter-disciplinary engineers, business managers, customers, and suppliers
  • …and more!

Lutron Electronics is the world leader in the design and manufacture of lighting controls, lighting control systems and shading solutions for residential and commercial applications. 

A Day in the Life of an Analog Electrical Engineer at Lutron

8:00am   –   Prepare day’s agenda, check and respond to emails


8:30am   –   Check on new product testing left running overnight in test building


9:00am   –   Meeting: discuss printed circuit board layout for a new product


10:00am –   Receive a call from Tech Support, speak with a customer to resolve a unique technical issue


10:15am –   Work at desk: build prototype for new product


11:00am –   Meeting: work with Marketing to brainstorm ideas for a revised brochure on an existing product


12:00pm –   Have lunch with co-op that you are supervising


1:00pm   –   Work at desk: discuss technical problem with neighbor, update supervisor on progress, review next steps for product release


3:00pm   –   Weekly meeting: update team on progress of your projects


3:30pm   –   Meeting: determine root cause of manufacturing defect from recent prototype run


4:00pm   –   Work at desk: workbench testing, follow-up on emails


6:00pm   –   Meet up with co-workers for dinner


Does this sound like how you would like to spend your day?

If so, Lutron is looking for candidates with the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering, Physics, or Math, with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Strong understanding of discrete circuitry and physics fundamentals; power electronics experience is a plus
  • Enjoys working collaboratively while also thriving in a leadership position
  • Willingness to travel – visit and troubleshoot job sites, oversee manufacturing at other facilities, take offsite training courses, accompany a salesperson to showcase your new product to a customer
  • Hands-on attitude and strong work ethic
  • Communication skills with all departments and disciplines
  • Ability to take direction from others while also being able to work independently
  • Skillful at solving problems with enthusiasm and creativity
  • Self-starting, inquisitive, flexible, multi-tasking
  • Driven to maintain high standards of quality, even under pressure

For more information:, LinkedIn, Twitter @lutronjobs, YouTube lutronjobs


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