Software Engineering Careers at Lutron

Lutron is looking for highly skilled and self-motivated software engineers to help us design and develop the next generation of energy-saving light control systems.

Our engineers work directly with customers to understand and specify system requirements. You'll help design the most suitable interfaces, balancing powerful features with intuitive usability. Lutron is known for its simple, elegant interfaces, and you'll deliver the same elegance to software solutions utilizing your experience in algorithm development, communications protocols, database design and object-oriented software.

But at Lutron, it's not just about coding. The huge variety of work means you'll learn to balance multiple priorities and manage your time effectively. As you continue to develop, you will have the opportunity to creatively apply emerging technologies into your projects.

iPhone and Galaxy featuring Lutron Apps Whether it be a person arriving home after a day at the office, a lighting designer adjusting the ambiance in a museum renovation project, or a facility manager tweaking the settings for an occupancy sensor–today's customers rely on mobile devices and the applications that run on them to connect to Lutron's powerful control systems. Developing with the latest tools on Android and iOS platforms, engineers work closely with graphic artists and user-experience professionals to create apps that are optimized for both smartphones and tablets, delivering the utmost in simplicity and beauty to customers.
Laptop featuring Lutron's Web Software With the advent of technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, as well as the proliferation of powerful JavaScript functions and libraries, richly designed Web-based applications are changing the way people view traditional desktop computing. Platform-independent responsive designs and light-weight, re-usable REST-based architectures allow Web connectivity directly within devices, eliminating setup and opening up a wide range of interface possibilities.
iPhone featuring Lutron Cloud Application An always-on connection to that magical entity known as "the Cloud" enables a host of exciting new features–adjust HVAC to a comfortable setting before arriving home, monitor a commercial building 24/7 in order to proactively respond to alerts, and conveniently receive automatic updates containing new features and functions, to name a few. Engineers roll up their sleeves to deal with the challenges posed by ever-increasing data, load balancing across servers, and the need for hassle-free connectivity from behind any firewall.
Desktop computer featuring Lutron Light Control Software Powerful desktop applications and advanced server architectures are at the core of Lutron's configuration and runtime components. Whether designing a system using a floorplan-based graphical takeoff tool or programming the intelligence into a smart building, these applications allow each facility's operation to be tailored to the needs of the homeowner, building manager, or employee. Pivotal communications modules are always connected to the system and must rely on carefully designed multi-threaded code to scale up to the largest installations without sacrificing performance.
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